Wellness at Work

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Staying healthy and hydrated is the best way to keep energized and happy as you plough through your working day. Here are some tips to keep you feeling fresh while you’re at it.


Keep your circulation flowing, by factoring in as much movement as you can. Got a cool boss? Talk to them about bringing in a personal trainer or yoga instructor for monthly team building sessions. If that doesn’t fly, just pool funds together with your workmates to run these projects after work or start a lunch hour walking club instead.

Rethink the way you get to work each day. Take the stairs wherever possible and hop off a train stop earlier, to help stretch your limbs before you hit the office. Cycling could be a smarter way to get to your job on time, and joining a group cycling class after hours is a fun post-work fitness session.



Your mind and outlook will stay sharp throughout the day, if you keep committed to a steady fluid uptake. Cocobella coconut water is light and refreshing with no added sugar or preservatives and contains five key electrolytes including potassium for a replenishing boost. Choose our fresh thirst quenchers for staff meetings and afternoon brainstorming.

Citrus, melons and berries are full of water and will help keep your hunger satisfied on fewer calories.  A superfruit smoothie is another tasty alternative to bump up your hydration, as well as your vitamin intake.


If you’re feeling uninspired and lacking energy at work, talk to someone about your aspirations and career ambitions. Chances are your employer and colleagues may not know about your goals and hidden talents. You never know what might come out of it.

Sharing can extend to a simple recipe swap too! Conversations around food always lead to stories and can help keep your lunches new and nutritious. Remember to make your mealtime a pause from the grind.


Find a corner to set up a moodboard and refocus your mind. Include a photo of your next payday purchase, a motivational quote, your dream destination or even colour swatches and textures that you’re drawn to. It can be an entire wall or a tiny patchwork of clippings – both work in the same way to redirect your thoughts to positivity.

Some simple breathing exercises are another great way to refresh your focus. Sit still and tall and countdown your inhale and exhale, making sure they’re even and deep. Repeat for as long as time allows. Fitness in the City offers other daily exercises to help you embrace the calming qualities of solitude.

Add a plant or two to your workspace and let the outside in with open windows and natural light. There’s nothing like an office makeover to recharge your senses. Low maintenance plants like succulents or these Australian-friendly indoor selections are a perfect addition to your desk space or staff room.

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