Why I Live In The Present Moment

A moment comes in a person’s life when others ask, “what are your plans? What do you want to be? Where are you headed with life?”

My answer is nearly always the same – “I don’t know.”

Let me explain…



I live, constantly, with plans to make plans. Present in the now, but also vividly conscious that the ‘now’, the ‘present moment’, is only one of no regret if I use to help me live a life full of happiness and contentment – which is important to note, that doesn’t necessarily mean every moment is going to be the greatest… and I love that!


Life, at least in my opinion, is essentially always lived at the in-between, an idea that there is no real destination. The next step in anyone’s journey is just the next point to help get to the next step, and so on… it has to be. I’ve realised that if I really knew where I was going to end up it’d be comforting, and in comfort we lose the excitement that comes with the adventure to get there, wherever that may be.


Anybody with a dream knows that there isn’t a clear path to making it come true, so the only important thing is to be present in those moments for whatever it is that we want to happen.


From my experience, the only thing that has proved to be true in life so far is that if I trust my intuition and truly commit to whatever it is that is in my heart without any weight from outside factors (opinions of friends, family, followers, trends, etc.) then the world somehow has a way of working it out.


Here’s a classic example: For the last 24 months, I have been extremely blessed with the opportunity to get paid to travel, and to be honest it feels like it became a big part of my life outta nowhere. It was just yesterday I was an injured athlete with a broken spirit, a uni drop out living on an island, dreaming of the days I’ve been so lucky to have since had.



Traveling has spread my heart across the world. From my previously sheltered perspective, travelling seemed to have been glamorised, but what I began to discover was that it wasn’t the stamps in my passport and vibey pictures that meant so much.


Yeah, I love trying to get an artsy frame that captures my mood in certain moments, but it’s the adventures to the places I hadn’t seen, and days where we traveled back to base camp howling at the top of our lungs with pure elation that captures my soul and fills it with hope about, well, everything!


It’s the oceans I’ve swam in, the airports that have been like hotels, and all the wonderful human beings, each one as important as I’ll ever be, that I’ve shared genuine all time moments with that make it so, so much more than the headlines I’d read before I packed my bags for the first time. It’s a feeling I don’t think I could ever comprehend how to visually express, even though sometimes it seems to be illustrated so vividly in my mind.


I’ve grown in many ways, formed my own set of values and consolidated my ethics, but I still don’t feel anywhere close to what I am destined to be.


Now I’m on a completely new trajectory, which is a whole different story, but this new chapter only came about because of the last, and the same philosophy rings true throughout; it’s the mindset that counts. The long term vision, with the short term discipline.


Keep spreading those cosmic vibes.

Tyger ox


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