Yoga / Detox Retreat at Home


Create your own yoga and detox retreat at home.

I recently travelled to Bali to attend an amazing yoga retreat in Uluwatu for a relaxing five-day detox. While it was an incredible experience that left me feeling relaxed, well rested, more present and mindful, I discovered that you don’t need to go far to kick-start a healthier routine.

With access to some of the most beautiful coastlines and stretches of land in the world, we’ve got everything we need right here in Australia. So if you’re looking for techniques for a healthier mind and body that you can incorporate into your everyday life, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are five practices that you can add to your day to create your own yoga and detox retreat at home:

1. Start the day with a cleansing ritual.

At our yoga retreat in Bali, we started every day with a warm glass of lemon juice. Not only does it help kick-start the digestion process for the day, it also has a whole heap of health benefits like:

  1. Supports the immune system
  2. Aids digestions
  3. Repairs skin
  4. Reduces appetite
  5. Balances pH levels
  6. Cleanses the urinary tract
  7. Freshens breath
  8. Protects overall health
  9. Promotes healing
  10. Detoxifies the liver
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2. Take an alfresco yoga session.

If you live in a coastal area, there’s no better way to get moving than doing a yoga session by the sea. Find an alfresco yoga school, or just head down to the beach and find a flat area where you can take full advantage of the fresh ocean air.

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3. Set your daily intention.

I like to set my daily intention after my morning exercise. Any earlier and I’m half asleep, but also because after some stretching or a workout, my head is much clearer and I can focus on what I want to get out of the day. It’s a great way to find your focus and keep a positive and motivated mindset.

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4. Have some ocean time.

Ever wondered why you come back from summer holidays looking and feeling amazing? Spending time in and around the ocean can have many positive effects on your health and wellbeing. A day at the beach is great for the mind, but it can also help heal your body. Saltwater is packed with minerals that can heal skin, boost the immune system and thyroid activity, expel toxins responsible for many diseases, and can act as a natural antiseptic.

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5. Eat clean.

Detox your diet by avoiding processed and refined foods. Start feasting on wholefoods and you’ll notice an increase in energy almost straight away. Get in the habit of packing your diet with fresh fruit and veggies, and don’t forget to drink around eight glasses of water each day.


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